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Dates شراء في الرياض
    Dates شراء في الرياض
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    Dates شراء في الرياض
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     Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are not only refreshing and tasty when eaten raw or fresh, but also healthy, in fact hey are nature's gift to the mankind. When cooked they make tasty dishes, meals rich in Natural minerals, Vitamin, and nutritional fiber. At Watania we work hard to select the varieties best suited to our environment, and in line with our local habits. The natural way of growing (Organic farming) used by Watania adds to the goodness, both in taste and nutrition of our produce. Our fruits and vegetables are not only famous locally but also among our customers abroad. Extra care is taken to pick them at right time, when they are at the peak of their Goodness and make available to the consumer soon after harvest
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